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About Me


the story gets better...

Now that I am nearing the conclusion of 2018 I have an increased level of confidence and experience as a Product Manager with a strong emphasis as an Agile facilitator and team leader. There were new challenges this past year that required me to hit the ground running and learn various markets and industries to help scale and guide my client's apps and vision.

I pride myself on working remotely across multiple time zones and following agile development principles to plan, design, test and launch tech products and services. However, it all started nearly four years ago as I left the music industry for a career in the technology.

I earn my degree in Audio Engineering & worked in the Music industry from 2002 until 2015. I began the transition into Software Development in late 2014 by studying books about Start-Ups & learning to code online & in March 2015 I committed my time to tech. Two Coding Bootcamps & a Hackathon later, fast forward to September 2015 I am working my first job at a Hollywood Start-up developing mobile applications aimed at the luxury transportation industry.

In April of 2016, I took the initiative & started to act as a facilitator between the remote & local teams. At this time I began using Agile Methodologies and studied more about the Product Management & Scrum Master roles. My newly acquired knowledge gave me the confidence to pitched to our CEO & partners how our company would benefit by implementing Agile Software Development. After a successful presentation, I assumed the role of Product Manager & began leading our engineering & design teams. 

One of the things I love the most about being a Product Manager is collaborating with the entire team to alleviate the users' pains while creating or enhancing their experience. Counting on the team’s diverse expertise to put together features and products that can impact our clients & our market is something I enjoy.